Alone for the Holidays

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

19 Dates Through Dec 29, 2019

Alone for the Holidays Written & Performed by Winnie Wenglewick

Caroline's family ditches her for the holidays so she posts an event on Facebook looking for strangers to be her family on Christmas Eve. Come join the party and be part of her family in this immersive holiday experience. Caroline will regale party attendees with her favorite holiday stories about the family members who ditched her. Since they aren't there, she can say whatever she wants! Holiday party food, cheap wine and presents for everyone. (Attendees 21+ are welcome to bring better quality wine or beer to enjoy.) NOTE: This show is NOT child friendly!

This show will play December 1st-29th, 2019 On Sundays @ 3:30pm and 7:30pm (No show on 12/8 & 29 @ 3:30pm)

Tickets are $15.00 for all attendees. Seating is VERY limited, only 12 fake family members per show. Since attendance is so limited, Advance purchase is REQUIRED (because last year we had a number of phone reservation folks not show up, blame them).

Be advised, there is NO late entry for this show once it has begun.

Age requirement: You must be at least 19 to attend this show due to language and subject matter.

Parking: We have a large lot outside the door of the theatre with free parking.

How long is the show? The show runs about 75 minutes, give or take, no intermission.

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