Caroline's Epic Talent Comedy Showcase

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

13 Dates Through Nov 06, 2020

Carolines Epic Talent Comedy Showcase * Every Friday and Saturday at 7pm

A new show with a new theme every week!

Tickets for this show must be purchased by 5pm day of show so we may accommodate for socially distanced seating,

Caroline Gabor (related to the famous Gabor Sisters) has taken advantage of the financial straights the pandemic has put this small venue in. She now has 90% controling interest in Dangerous Theatre and will use the stage to finally show the world her epic talent, a talent that has largly gone unrecognized. With the help of her butlers "V" and "W", every week they will make you laugh as they offer their interpretations of... well.... anything Caroline wants. Could be Shakespeare, or kids TV shows, or Gilligan's Island, or Fairy Tales. Who knows what insanity may end up on stage. Just know this... "V" is mute and very shy. "W" hates to wear clothes and is naked. Not that it matters because the audience is 25ft or more from the stage so no one will see anything. Binoculars wouldn't even help you to see. You might want to bring some wine. Caroline drinks lots of wine. On stage. Otherwise she wouldn't have the courage to get on stage. Also, leave the kids at home because Caroline swears. She also uses adult toys as props and Peter Pecker (a blow up doll) to play the other characters she can't currently cast humans for. Tickets are cheap so come see the show!

Attendees should be 19+ due to adult language.

Door opens 6:30. Show at 7pm. Note: Once show starts there is no late entry allowed.

Table for 2 is $30, Table for 3 is $45

Due to COVID-19 restrictions seating is limited. Advance purchase suggested or cash/venmo at door.

Dangerous Theatre COVID-19 Safety Measures:

Temperature of all patrons taken at the door
All patrons must wear mask except while actively eating or drinking
Hand sanitizer is available to all patrons
All parties seated 6ft apart
Audience is seated 25ft from performers
All seating is disinfected before and after every show
Bathrooms and other surfaces are disinfected before and after every show
After every show we run UVC lights and use a huge vent fan to bring in fresh air

Mailing Address

2620 W 2nd Ave #1 Denver, CO 80219