Dangerous Double Comedy Tickets

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

Friday, March 6 2020 8:00 PM 11:30 PM

COVID-19 UPDATE: Dangerous Theatre is closed through April, definitely. Chances are good we will be closed into May. Please do not purchase Dangerous Double tickets until we confirm we have re-opened. ;) Fucking virus!


Dangerous Theatre is a comedy club on Friday Nights. Sketch comedy at 8pm followed by stand-up comedy at 10pm. One of Denver's Top 4 comedy clubs in 2019 according to CBS4 News  

Purchase a ticket to BOTH shows and save $4.00.PLUS you get extra perks including reserved table seating, a can of hard cider from the Colorado Cider Company (if 21+) and a plate of crackers, cheese, fruit and dessert for you (in addition to the snacks wehave out for everyone). If you are local you will also get a card for free cider at the Colorado Cider Company Tasting room, which is right across our parking lot! HEY!  Their tap room is open until 8pm on Fridays so you can hit them up before the show if you want.

We have a couple different sketch comedy options that rotate from month to month. Every Friday at 10pm is a different stand-up show. 1st Fridays is Chris Wellman's Comedy & Kink, 2nd Friday is john Rumery's Wheel of Doom, 3rd Friday is Evan Johnson's Sing-Song Ding-Dong and 4th Friday is Mo Vida's Dangerous Talk: Sex, Drugs & Comedy. CLICK HERE for our calendar to see what is playing on any specific Friday night.

Only 20 Dangerous Double tickets available each Friday night (Venue only seats 40 at tables) and must be purchased no laer than 5pm day of show.

Other Details:

* Table seating is usually $15/person for the 8pm show and $10/person for the 10pm show. We are a small intimate venue with only 40 table seats available.

* Pay What You Can Seating by Cash/Venmo Donation available 1st come 1st available. Only 15 of these seats available.They do not have tables and run along the back wall of the theatre.We are a small space so they are still good seats.

* Once a show starts, late entry is NOT guaranteed. Even if you buy a ticket online, if we have a wait list we will sell your table seat.

* NO REFUNDS for any late arrivals.

* Dangeorus Double Tickets are only available for sale IN ADVANCE. You cannot make reservations and pay at the door for these tickets.

* Our Friday night comedy shows are for adults 19+.

* Patrons welcome to bring beer/wine/hard cider/seltzer (No Hard Liquor) to enjoy at the show

* Plenty of FREE PARKING in the lot outside the theatre.

* If you liked the show please leave a review on Google,Yelp, our Facebook Page, Trip Advisor anywhere you can leave a comment. Even if you DIDN'T like the show, leave a review. Just please specify which show you liked, loved or thought sucked! Thanks.


This show not recommended for those under 19 due to adult content and language. We make no guarantees about the enjoyability of this show. Attend at your own risk. We do some different kind of shit at Dangerous Theatre. If you were offended at the word "shit" in the previous sentence you probably should not attend.