Denver Femme Fatale Funny Fest 2018

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

Fri, Jun 29 2018 7:30 PM Sun, Jul 1 2018 12:30 AM

Denver's Dangerous Theatre is taking a weekend to celebrate Colorado's funny women in comedy! This is the 1st year of an annual event. We have 3 shows on each night and a bonus shows on Saturday, June 30th.

Tickets for all shows are $20 full price with a $5 discount for students, seniors, military, CTG members and Sanctuary members. Guarantee your seat purchasing online in advance. You can also call 720-989-1764 to make reservation and pay at the door. We only accept cash at the door.

VIP TICKETS: We have a limited number of $60 VIP tickets each night that offer 1st row seating for all 3 shows. These only available for purchase online, in advance. Those seated in the 1st row will also be treated to table service for refreshments between shows.

Scheduled performances by: 3rd Kind Improv, Brittany Boyd, Denise Winkelman, Keating Harley, Meghan DePonceau, Melissa Wahe, Mo Vida, Terri Barton Gregg, Love Slave, Saskia & Winnie Wenglewick. Other performers may be added.

Performance Days/Times:Winnie Wenglewick, owner of Dangerous Theatre, will host each show.

Friday 1st Block at 7:30 ~ Featuring Brittany Boyd, Keating Harley and Mo Vida

Friday 2nd Block at 9:00 ~ Featuring Denise Winkelman, Terri Barton Gregg and 3rd Kind Improv

Friday 3rd Block at 10:30 ~ Featuring Megan DePonceau and Melissa Wahe

Saturday 1st Block at 7:00 ~ Featuring Keating Harley, Meghan DePonceau and Jill Tasei

Saturday 2nd Block at 8:30 ~ Brittany Boyd, Denise Winkelman and Melissa Wahe

Saturday 3rd Block at 10:00 ~ Terri Barton Gregg and 3rd Kind Improv

BONUS SHOW: Sex Talk with Love Slave and Misteress Saskia at 11:30pm.

Advance tickets will be on sale until 6pm each day - after that tickets must be purchased at the door, cash only. Best to call 720-989-1764 to make sure seats are available.


You should be at least 18 years old to attend any performance at Dangerous Theatre. We do some different kinda shit here and it is usually adult in nature. If you are upset by the use of the word "shit" in that last sentence you probably should not come here. If you are unable to sit and be quiet in a live audience situation, just stay home or go somewhere else. At Dangerous Theatre we have been known to kick rude ass people out who can't shut up during the show. Have a nice day!