Holiday Dinner Party Show

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

7 Dates Through Dec 24, 2021

* Note: Proof of vaccination is required at door for all attendees

* Tickets for this show must be purchased by 10pm night before the show so the dinner may be planned.

* About the show:

Caroline's family has ditched her for the holidays so she's inviting strangers to come be her family for a Holiday Dinner Party. Now YOU can go to a holiday soiree without having to deal with weird uncle Charlie or that bitch Aunt Didi. Caroline and her butler, W, will serve a multi course meal with stories of holiday traditions and family foibles. When purchasing tickets attendees will be asked to list their dietary restrictions, favorite holiday foods and treats, so dinner will be different at every party. Attendees also welcome (not required) to bring their favorite family food or treat to share. Plus, everyone gets a gift to open! Seating limited to 7-12 people and tickets must be purchased by 10pm the night before the show. Parties of one especially invited to attend. Folks who celebrate ANY holiday, or NO holiday, are welcome to come join the fun.

* Tickets $25.00/person.

* Show Dates & Times:

Every party is 2 hours long. The 1st 30 minutes is arrival and social time. Food service starts at the end of the social time. Late arrival is fine, you just may miss part of the meal.

Thurs. 12/16 from 6-8

Fri. 12/17 from 6-8

Sat.. 12/18 from 6-8

Sun. 12/19 from noon-2

Thurs. 12/23 from 6-8

2 shows on Christmas Eve:

Fri. 12/24 from noon to 2pm AND 6-8pm


Mailing Address

2620 W 2nd Ave #1 Denver, CO 80219