Other Plains of Comedy

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

Friday, September 20 2019 9:00 PM 10:30 PM

High Plains Comedy Festival showcases a LOT of Denver's funniest acts. But there are SO MANY funny acts here that some people don't get featured every year! Well, don't worry, Denver! As this comedy scene is vast and colorful, there are plenty of wonders that await you... on OTHER Plains!!

We have 13 comedians in one hour and thirty minutes, which means you'll get to experience a barrage of various comedic ammunition, all aimed squarely at your funny bone and chuckle box!! And oh what a lineup we have!

Cal Sheridan * Shanel Hughes * Wes Williams * Mandy Kay * Cody Ullrich * Hannah Jones * Evan Johnson * Priscilla Spangler * Apples Appleton * Sara Hake * Harrison Garcia * Lila Bear

And your headliner... Michael Isaacs!!

How does ticketing work at Dangerous Theatre?  We have 40 table seats that are available for $10 ea for this show.  We also have 20 general admission seats (no tables) at the back of the house that are available first come first serve. These seats are free, although we do ask for cash donations at the end of the show if you have a couple bucks to spare. Donations in any amount appreciated becausme comics gotta eat, beer isn't free and the theatre usually has a hefty power bill every month.

Buy Tickets online! If you do the math you will notice this is a small 60 seat venue. Advance purchase recommended to guarantee your seat. Although, keep in mind, if the show starts, and you are not here, and we have a wait list, we will sell your seat. What this means is: Even if you buy a ticket, if you show up late you may be shit outta luck. Entry after the show starts is NOT guaranteed.

Make a reservation! You can also call 720-989-1764 and make a reservation over the phone. You can also text a reservation to 720-989-3283. Phone and text reservations require paying cash at the door. Phone/text reservations are for table seats only and are only held until 10 minutes to show time. After that if you are not here (or have called to say you are on the way) we will sell those seats if there is a wait list. What this means is: Even if you make a reservation, if you show up later than 10:50, you may be shit outta luck. Entry after the show starts is NOT guaranteed.

Age requirement: You must be at least 21 with photo ID to attend this show due to language and subject matter.

Parking: We have a large lot outside the door of the theatre with free parking.

Refreshments: Patrons 21+ are welcome to bring beer, wine or hard cider (NO HARD LIQUOR) to enjoy during the show. We have coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks available for donation. We especially like spare change. So bring all your pennies that are hanging out on your dresser or in the laundry room. We also accept unwanted $50 bills. ;)

How long is the show? The show actually runs about 90 minutes, give or take. If you buy a ticket on ticketleap it will say the show is an hour, but that is just because if I say it lasts until after midnight it shows up on the calendar for Friday AND Saturday. This seems to really confuse people and I get phone calls for folks wanting tickets for a show on Saturday that has no show on Saturday.

Feedback: Once you see a show here, if you take a moment and post a review online, on Yelp, or Google, or Trip Advisor or Facebook or wherever, we will love you. Even if it is a bad review. We know not everyone likes our brand of entertainment. Just please, whatever you review please mention the show you saw. So if you give a 2 star review we know what show you didn't like.


Attendance to most shows are 18+ due to adult content and language. This show the age limit is 21+ We make no guarantees about the enjoyability of this show. Attend at your own risk. We do some different kind of shit at Dangerous Theatre. If you were offended at the word "shit" in the previous sentence you probably should not attend.