Streaming: Drunk Storytime

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

12 Dates Through Mar 04, 2021

* Streaming On Demand! Purchase ANYTIME! Watch ANYTIME!

* Available til the pandemic is over.A comedy show drinking game! Grab some alcohol of your choosing and do a little storytime boozing with Caroline and her butlers "V" and "W" as they act out tales known and unknown. You can opt to drink along with cues from Caroline. If you have to stay home to drink, you might as well laugh about it!

* Adults ONLY! Warning: Gnomes, adult language, sex toys and male nudity of the humankind as well as the blow up doll variety. Make sure the kiddos are safely far away and watch from the comfort of your own home. We have multiple episode available and will add more as long as the pandemic continues. When you purchase your ticket you will choose what episode you want during checkout. You will then receive an email from Winnie from Dangerous Theatre with the link to watch the show. She usually sends the link within an hour or so, unless she is sleeping.

Thank you for helping Dangerous Theatre survive this pandemic with your purchase.

Current Available Episodes:
* Fairy Tales: "Wolves"
* Dr. Seuss: "Oobleck, Cat & Sneetches"
* Gilligan's Island: "What's in the Box?"
* Mission to Zolbott: A tale about the misfit crew of the Conundrum and a disco loving drag queen alien


Adults only. NOT for kids, children, youngsters, pets are probably fine to watch depending on the emotional maturity of your pet. This show might be funnier of you drink along with Caroline. What you drink is up to you. She prefers wine. Since you will be home, you can drink milk and pepsi shots for all Caroline cares.

Mailing Address

2620 W 2nd Ave #1 Denver, CO 80219