The Last Castrato

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

8 Dates Through Nov 04, 2018

Andres Eninger's bizzare morality "The Last Castrato" Featuring Franc Gaxiola, Directed by Jacqueline Gaston.

Franc Gaxiola is self producing this macabe little story about a man born with no genitals. Shunned by his parents and society he is hidden away in another country where he finds love. A love that finally brings him adoration and acceptance. But at what cost? Will lessons ever be learned when love is at stake?

This show for adults only, age 18+ due to graphic language and violence.

October 12th - November 4th, 2018 * Fridays at 7:30pm * Sundays at 1pm

Tickets $20, $5.00 discount for students, seniors, military, CTG members, Sanctuary members and anyone without genitals. To get the discount tickets, at checkout use the code: Discount

Dangerous Theatre provides snacks and soft drinks, coffee & tea to their audience members for donations only. (Sunday 1pm matinees include a brunch). Patrons 21+ welcome to bring beer/wine to enjoy during the show.

BONUS: After The Last Castrato Winnie Wenglewick, owner of Dangerous Theatre, will discuss her definition of "Dangerous" in relation to her theatre. After 15 years it doesn't mean quite the same thing as when she started producing plays under the name "Denver's Dangerous Theatre".


* able or likely to cause harm or injury.  "a dangerous animal"

* likely to cause problems or to have adverse consequences.


This show limited in attendance to those 18+ due to graphic language and violence. We make no guarantees about the enjoyability of this show. Attend at your own risk. We do some different kind of shit at Dangerous Theatre. If you were offended at the word "shit" in the previous sentence you probably should not attend.