The [SIC] Sense Comedy Show V1.0

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

4 Dates Through Jun 07, 2019

After helping to create comic mayhem in Phoenix for 10 years with The [Sic] Sense, Franc Gaxiola moved his butt to Denver for
absolutely NO OTHER REASON than to spread his artistic wings and deliver lunch to folks who can’t be bothered to drive to Taco Bell themselves. After placing subliminal ads in Craiglist and leaving posters with his number on them in a number of non-gender specific bathrooms he now has a new cadre of “Sickies” to bring his twisted brand of comedy to Denver.

Fridays at 9PM
May 10th, 17th & 31st, June 7th

Tickets: Cabaret table seating $15.00, Limited General seating is pay what you want cash donation at the end of the show. Note: General seating is available on a first arrival basis at the theatre. Once they are gone, table seating is the only option.

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Must be 18+ to attend this show due to adult content and language. We make no guarantees about the enjoyability of this show. Attend at your own risk. We do some different kind of shit at Dangerous Theatre. If you were offended at the word "shit" in the previous sentence you probably should not attend.