The Wheel of Doom Comedy Show

By Dangerous Theatre (other events)

8 Dates Through Feb 14, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE: Dangerous Theatre is closed through April, possibly into May. PLEASE do not purchase tickets until we confirm we are open again. Fucking virus!


If anywhere in town is going to host a comedy show called Wheel of Doom, it has to be Denver's Dangerous Theatre! Comics on stage doing comedy can be so....boring. Funny, but boring.

Every 2nd Friday, at 10pm, host John Rumery has decided to make stand up comedy more challenging for the comics. Before their set, each comic will spin the Wheel of Doom and then be expected to do whatever the wheel commands of them. Maybe they have to eat a hot pepper. Or stand in a bucket of ice water. Maybe they have to add a new bit about a new subject on the fly. Who knows!? The wheel challenges will be different every month. This is like the truth of dare of stand up comedy!


* Table seating is $10/person (40 seats available)

* Pay What You Can Seating by Cash/Venmo Donation available 1st come 1st available. (15 seats available)

* Once a show starts, late entry is NOT guatanteed. Even if you buy a ticket online, if we have a wait list we will sell your table seat.

* NO REFUNDS for any late arrivals.

* You can call 720-989-1764 to make a phone reservation for table seating and pay Cash/Venmo at the door.

* You can send a text to Winnie at 720-989-3283 to reserve table seating and pay Cash/Veno at the door.

* You need to be 21+ to attend this show.

* Patrons welcome to bring beer/wine/hard cider/seltzer (No Hard Liquor) to enjoy at the show

* Samples of Hard Cider from the Colorado Cider Company (located across the parking lot) available to anyone who purchases a table seat to the show.

* Plenty of FREE PARKING in the lot outside the theatre.

* We have a sketch comedy show BEFORE this show at 8:00. We sell special discounted "Dangerous Double" tickets to see both shows with additional perks!

* If you liked the show please leave a review on Google,Yelp, our Facebook Page, Trip Advisor anywhere you can leave a comment. Even if you DIDN'T like the show, leave a review. Just please specify which show you liked, loved or thought sucked! Thanks.


Must be 21+ to attend this show due to adult content and language. We make no guarantees about the enjoyability of this show. Attend at your own risk. We do some different kind of shit at Dangerous Theatre. If you were offended at the word "shit" in the previous sentence you probably should not attend.