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42 Dates Through Apr 30, 2020

Support Dangerous Theatre while we are dark and buy a $5.00 ticket (or 2 or 3 or 10) to watch a past performance in the privacy of your own quarantine space! Denver's Dangerous Theatre will not be open for shows with a live audience for some time. But I still gotta pay rent! I am looking into live streaming comedy shows and plays and readings in the next couple weeks. Until then, I have spent the past week finding and uploading videos of some of our past productions onto You Tube. They are "unlisted", meaning they are not searchable and can only be viewed when given the link. I have found about 20 recorded shows. They include shows from the Denver and Sanford, FL locations. Many more are on an extrernal drive that may have kicked the bucket. NOTE: these are NOT high quality, professional recordings. They are recordings I made for the cast and playwrights. For most of the videos, you will have to be "signed in" to YouTube to watch many of them as I labeled them for adults over 18. Listening with headphones may be the best way to hear them as the sound quality isn't great.

Each ticket is good to a link to one show. Please choose the date of purchase as the show date, no matter how many tickets  you are purchasing. I don't care how many people watch it with you, just please don't share the link with others. During the purchasing process, you will get to choose which play you wish to see from a drop down menu. I will email the links to you once I am notified of the purchase. Here are brief descriptions of the shows available. 

Please note some shows produced in Denver and some in Orlando/Sanford, FL. Some produced in BOTH cities so make sure to read descriptions and choose the one you want when you order your ticket(s).

Michael Matteo's "An Evening with Mr. Johnson: It's Even Harder Being a Gay Dick"  This was such a fun show and audience favorite we produced the gay and straight version 3 times in Denver and the straight version in Sanford. I have found the gay versions from 2011 and 2016. Featuring Kevin Leonard as Ed and Eric Mindykowski as the Penis. Both directed by Eric Mindykowski. ABOUT THE SHOW All Ed wants is a committed relationship but his penis has different ideas.

Brett Hursey's "The Vagrant" This is such an amazing play. We produced it in Denver twice and once in Sanford. Denver's version featured Winter Maza in the lead role of Lenny. Sanford's version featured David Martin in the role of Lenny. We have BOTH versions available. ABOUT THE SHOW Lenny loves his life on the streets of NY helping out Maggie and wayward fledgling stock brokers. Then he realizes he can't hide in plain sight any longer.

Peter McGarry's "Kama Sutra" Winnie opened Dangerous Theatre with a production of this play with the playwright as her stage partner in 2007. She went on to produce it two more times. This version features Dale from 2011. ABOUT THE SHOW All is fine and dandy between Tristan and Pamela. Then Pamela finds a copy of the Kama Sutra at the library and embarks on a journey of sexual discovery. Tristan is not sure what to make of Pamela's new found sexuality.

Peter McGarry's "Black Stockings" We first produced this show in 2012. Then again in 2014 before taking it to the Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival. This video is from the 2012 production in Denver. Featuring Brittany Lacour and Winnie Wenglewick. Directed by Winnie Wenglewick. ABOUT THE SHOW Black Stockings is a morality play about sex and war.

Peter McGarry's "Dark Wood" Peter gave Winnie this play and told her it was unproducable because it had 3 men on stage naked for 90 minutes. In 2013 we produced it for the first time. Then again, with a different cast, in 2015 before taking it to the Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival. This video is from the original cast in Denver in 2013. Directed by Winnie Wenglewick ABOUT THE SHOW Three apes in a cage explore power and freedom, sex and candy.

Winnie Wenglewick's "Unwrapped" Adult comedies for the holidays usually does pretty well. Directed by Winnie Wenglewick ABOUT THE SHOW Love goes awry for two lonely, kinky souls on Christmas Eve. Keeping the story moving along is a rogue narrator who thinks there is not enough song and dance in the show.

Mark Troy's "Paging Dr. Chutzpah" This show was brought to Denver's Dangerous in 2015 by Marq DelMonte, who played the lead. Directed by Winnie Wenglewick. ABOUT THE SHOW. A psychiatrist steals his nephew's virgin fiance and turns her into his own wife/dominatrix.

Winnie Wenglewick's "Perfect Gift"  Winnie wrote and performed this show in 2012. That year, she vowed to never do it again. However, it was the first show audience members asked her to do again. Since then, she has produced it every year, except in 2019. In 2015 it was produced in Denver, featuring Jess Houwen in the lead role of Stacia as well as in Orlando, FL with Winnie playing the lead. Both of these 2015 productions are available and are both different versions, based on the actors cast. ABOUT THE SHOW Stacia hates the holidays and what they have come to represent. She finds herself under a bridge with some homeless folks who show her all she needs is to listen with her heart.

The Kanabbis family Holiday Special Produced in Denver, December 2018. Directed by Winnie Wenglewick ABOUT THE SHOW When you live in Colorado why not put on a stoner holiday show with special guest drag queen Shiksa Mess! (She's the best part of the show!)

Luke Ramirez's "The Love & Violence Trilogy" Produced in Denver in 2019. Directed by Franc Gaxiola. ABOUT THE SHOW Three one-acts that look at some very interesting relationships that include lovely violence, or violent love, or, ummm, a body stolen from the morgue.

The [SIC] Sense Sketch Comedy Show- September 2019  Headed up by Franc Gaxiola, The Sickies have done 3 shows (one was to open just when we closed for the damn virus) and apparently, I only have one on video. ABOUT THE SHOW Adult sketch comedy that is NOT for the easily offended.

Winnie Wenglewick's "Adulting Sucks" This solo show originated in Sanford when Winnie opened her theatre there in 2017. She brought it back for her Denver audience in 2019. ABOUT THE SHOW Winnie explains how her definition of being an adult has changed over the years. With brutal honesty she shares the mile stones that shaped her into the person she is today.

Terri Giannoutsos's "Nicks Last Christmas". This show was first produced at Dangerous Theatre Sanford in 2017. After a bit of a rewrite to allow it to fit on the smaller Denver stage, and fewer actors, it played in Denver in 2019. We have BOTH versions available and they are very different shows. ABOUT THE SHOW Santa hires an image consultant to make him more current to modern day. The elves and reindeer go on strike and Mrs. C files for divorce. Can Christmas be saved?

ALL OF THE FOLLOWING WERE PRODUCED AT DANGEROUS THEATRE SANFORD, IN SANFORD, FL in 2017. The theatre closed after one year when Winnie returned to Denver.

Winnie Wenglewick and Carl F Gauze's "Rudolph Tales".   This show was part of Christmas in July at the Sanford, FL theatre. It includes 3 short one acts featuring Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. We also produced #First World Santa but the batteries died on the camera so we don't have a full video of that show.

Peter McGarry's adaptation of "Lysistrata". The women of ancient Greece and Rome go on a sex strike against war. Sadly, this is still relevant today.

Winnie Wenglewick's "Mission to Planet Zolbott"  A disco-loving drag queen alien wants to take over the universe and it is up to the haphazard crew of the Conundrum to stop her.

Winnie Wenglewick's "Alone for the Holidays"  This audience interactive/immersive show made its debut in Sanford and has become an annual tradition for Winnie to produce so she can remember the important things during the holidays.

John Lidell McDonald's "Beach Blanket Bongo"  This was our anti-holiday play in December 2017 in Sanford - A musical about an aging poet in the style of a 60's beach blanket musical movie.

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